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Frequently Asked Questions

What do professionals want to know about BankBull? 

How To Get Started With BankBull?

All you have to do is sign up. Right away you can create reports for you or anyone in your family. Enter your income, liabilities, and assets information to get the most out of your experience! 

How Do I Create Reports To Present To My Lender?

Once you log in to the site you’ll find yourself on the dashboard. On the right side you’ll see a list of people associated to your account and right below that are a list of all the reports you can create for free. 

Can I Create A Report That Shows No Income?

In some cases borrowers or family members need to create a statement for the lender that shows that there’s no income for a particular person or business. With BankBull it’s easy to cover all your bases. All of our reports are capable of showing that you have no information to report.

How Much Does This Cost?

As noted above BankBull costs you nothing. You can remove our logo from your documents for a small fee to keep your paperwork clean and the lender unaware of the software you are using to create your reports. In addition, there is our secret weapon, which is a premium feature (which you are not required to use), which projects the expected income, liabilites and more that the bank will be looking for to issue an approval.

How Do I Create A Profit and Loss?

It’s simple! After signing up you login and go to the income area. Select the owner of the company and their ownership interest. Lastly, you just enter some basic bank account info and total deposits followed by a list of your regular businesses monthly expenses. 

How To Get Started With it?

Click the Sign Up Today link at the bottom of the page.

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