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We all know that if our clients got their paperwork together the loan process would be a breeze. Now it can be with BankBull. Clients can prepare everything you need in one place before setting foot in your office!

Get It Done Faster With Us

BankBull created a simple but powerful CRM to manage your clients and the preparation of paperwork that it takes to get their loans approved; Fast! 

Content Management

Get your hands on their information in seconds not days. Request write access to help them enter income, assets, liabilites and more. Easily keep up with the latest information.

Data Management

Our simple platform allows you to create income reports quickly including P&L statements without having to wait for CPAs. Produce a summary of all sources of income, all the costs involved with their Real Estate Owned (REO) portfolio and much more. 

Community Management

Manage all your clients from one place. Leave notes, set due dates, and analyze them quickly. With a click you can know who qualifies and who needs to do some work.

Analyze Financial Data

Our specialized software comes with one special product that sets us apart. We analyze the data you enter to let you know exact what a bank would expect in order to approve your clients for the mortgage terms they are looking for. Know the Income. Know the liabilities. Know the path.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Clients

Today’s day and age client’s expect you to be completely digital. They expect you to act quickly and decisively. Did you know that when loans fail a large percentage is because of miscommunication. 

Managing Your Clients Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Find out why the industry is going in this direction.

"I've used other competing softwares at companies I've previously worked for and this software makes my life so much easier"

– Lisa E.

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